1. Do you think your child will try Marijuana?

2. What would you do in the following situation: Your child was at a sleepover and you found out that the parents knew the kids were smoking marijuana and allowed it?

3. Where do you keep your prescription medications (things like the pain relievers left over from knee surgery or the ambien you sometimes take for insomnia)?

4. Which best characterizes your beliefs about Marijuana and addiction?

5. You suspect your teen is drinking beer and maybe smoking some marijuana at some weekend parties. Your response?

If ALL Parents became savvy about teen drug use, what an impact you could have! Create this safety net of knowledge, instill your values and insist on accountability from your teen, yourself, other parents and your school. Share information!

YOU can make a big difference as a parent about how your kids reacts when they are faced with an opportunity to use drugs 

There are drugs within your child's school. They are likely to try them.

What kind of parent are you?

Member of the Proverbial Choir –you are already on board, you think all drug/alcohol use should be verboten during adolescence, you are taking in all the information you can on the topic, having THE TALKS with your kids, setting expectations, checking in with them and following through with consequences as promised. For you this column will be some new information and affirmation.

Wavering Ambivalent – “…we all smoked a little pot and drank in high school and we’re OK…. they are all going to do it …I’m going to warn my son/daughter about the dangers of using but I really don’t have a plan for how I’ll respond when/if I suspect they are drinking or smoking pot, or anything else.”

Parent with an Alternative Perspective -you have older children who navigated their teen drug use years with ease and apparently are no worse for the exposure. You’re comfortable in your views and maybe you are able to recreationally use marijuana or other drugs now.

If you fall somewhere in the last two categories you may feel that I am stepping on a nerve at times. I will be. I will be challenging you, but no more and far less harshly than I have challenged myself on these very topics. I ask one thing: pause long enough when you become angry/defensive, “… why are these points so uncomfortable for me? Am I willing to learn new information and reconsider …?”

What All Parents Needs to Know.