Ampin', Amped, Baked, Cheesed, Buzzed, Foiled, Gassing, Geeked, Going to the moon,, Getting high, Gurped, Heated, Jacked, On the moon, Put on your moon boots, Riped, Scattered, Sketching, Sparked, Toasted, Tweeked / Tweaked, Wired, etc.

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Synonyms for Meth

20/20, 222, 417, Agua, Albino Poo, Alffy, Anny, Artie, Barney Dope, Bache Rock, Bianca, Whizz,  Bling, Blanco, Blue Acid, Bomb, Booger, Buggs, Bumps, Chach, chaCha, Chittle, Clavo, Criddle, Cringe, Crunk, Crystal Meth, Crystalight, Devils Dandruff, Eraser Dust, Gemini, Go, Go Fast, Go-Go Juice, Haiwaiian Salt, High Speed Chicken Feed, Hillbilly Crack, Hippy Crack etc.

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