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Dime Bag - $10.00

Dub Sac - $20.00

Half Sac- $25.00

Eighth- $40.00-$50.00

Quarter- $80.00-$100.00

Half Ounce, Half O, Half Z - $150.00-$200.00

Ounce, O, Z, Zip - $250.00-$300.00

(Can also be used as synonyms)

acapulco gold, acapulco red, afghani indica, african, african black, african bush, angola, ashes, assassin of youth, astro turf, atshitshi, aunt mary, baby, baby bhang, babysitter

Stoner, Pot Head, Baker, Ent

Bong, Joint (Also known as a Doobie), pipe, vape, apple, blunt, hookah, gravity bong, glass, waterfall, grinder (used to prepare the marijuana for smoking)

Blazed, Stoned

To get high- chief out, get right

Taking a hit- chief

Crossfaded- To be under the influence of alcohol and marijuana

Hotbox- to smoke marijuana (or other smokable drugs) in an enclosed environment

Poke Smot- Spoonerism for "Smoke Pot"

"Tea Time" - an expression used when it is time to get high

"Wake and Bake" - to smoke marijuana upon waking up

Marijuana Brownie/Food - edible, Alice B. Toklas

Hash- Derivative of marijuana

Spliff - Cigarette/ marijuana hybrid

Snap - Bong rip of tobacco and marijuana

Descriptors of Marijuana- dank, cheese

Dab, Dabbing, Dabber- Hash oil smoked in a water pipe

Straight THC- Shatter hash or wax

Front, Front st. - Give you the drugs and the money later (drug loan)

The Act of Dealing- Slingin, Slinging

Bake, Bake Out, Blaze, Boge, Chief, Durp, Fire Up, Go Up To Bat, Puff, Smoke, Smoke Out, Spark, Toked, Torch, Smoke Down, Take a Gray.

420, 4/20, 4:20, Four Twenty, Green, Dope, Pot, Blunt, Boom, Grass, Hash, Herb, Mary Jane, Reefer, Skunk, Shake, Nug, Weed, Cannabis, Yum Yum, Kush, keif.