Terms for LSD Users

      Acid Freak, Acid Head, Explorers Club

LSD Combined with Other Drugs

Tripping - Currently on LSD

Come Home - End a 'Trip" on LSD

Yen Sleep - Restless, Drowsy state after a 'trip'

ACID,  Microdots, Window Panes Loony Toons, Battery Acid, Blotter, Boomers, California Sunshine, Cid, Doses, Dots, Golden Dragon, Heavenly Blue, Hippie, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Pane, Purple Heart, Superman, Tab, Yellow Sunshine, Zen.

LSD (Acid)

Synonyms for LSD


Candy-flipping, Troll - the use of LSD and MDMA
Frisco special, Frisco Speedball - LSD, cocaine, and heroin
Outer Limits, Sheet Rocking - crack and LSD
Black Acid - LSD and PCP
Banana Split - combination of 2C-B [Nexus] and LSD or other drugs