-     Temporary feelings of love and affection can be developed for the people and strangers around them - which can lead to dangerous sexual encounters.

-      Ecstasy is rarely pure, sometimes what is sold as MDMA has none in it. It can contain other drugs, often in fatal doses.

-      Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Confused Episodes, Paranoia, Psychosis.

Risks of Ecstasy


MDMA, X, E, XTC,  SUPERMAN, ROLEXS, PINK SUPERMAN, PILLS, MANDY, E, DOLPHINS, Adam, Beans, candy, dancing shoes, disco biscuits, doves, e-bomb, egg rolls, happy pill, hug drug, love drug, malcolm, molly, scooby snacks, smartees, sweets, skittles, thiss, vitamin E or Vitamin X, Vowels, tabs


Drop, double drop, thizzing, flip/flipping, roll/rolling, cuddle puddle, e puddle, e-tard, raver, raving


Candy Flipping- mixing Acid and MDMA

Capsizing- PCP and MDMA

Jedi Flip- Mushrooms, LSD, and MDMA

Kitty Flipping- Ketamine and MDMA

Hippy Flipping - Mushrooms nad MDMA

3M- Mescaline, Mushrooms, Molly

Robo Flipping - DXM and MDMA

Tipsy Flip - Alcohol and MDMA