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To Be Drunk

Booze, Drank, Goon, Giggle Juice, Brewski,  Henny, Forty, Moonshine, Hooch Tipple, Toddy, Red-Eye, Juice, Bottle, Drink, Grog, Sauce.

Turnt up, double fist, drink like a fish, rage, shotgun, wolf. 

Hammered, wasted, tanked, plastered, canned, sloshed, housed, juiced-up, crocked, turnt, faded, fucked up (not exclusive to drinking), pissed, schockered, drunk as a skunk, trashed, buzzed, shitfaced, tipsy.

Crossfaded- To be under the influence of alcohol and marijuana

Micky Finn - Drugs have been added to make the drinker sleepy or unconcious

Tipsy Flip - Alcohol and MDMA

Stupor Stoning- Alcohol and Weed